Sunday 18 September 2011 11:00-12:00 hours Glazen Zaal | The saxophone is the key

Peter van Onna - Cairo Awakens
Robert Schumann - Adagio and Allegro
Johannes Brahms - Sonata in E flat op. 120 no. 2
Wijnand van Klaveren/J.S. Bach - Symphonias and Interlude
Ties Mellema/Hans Eijsackers - Improvisation

Created in the 1840s by the Brussels instrument maker Adolphe Sax, the saxophone soon managed to bring together the worlds of jazz and new forms of classical music. Nowadays, the saxophone nimbly negotiates its way through pop, house, hip-hop and world music. In this concert, it will shine a new light upon masterpieces from the Romantic period and will even give Baroque music a refreshing, contemporary glow. Whereas Ravel used the saxophone to brighten up his Boléro, Peter van Onna uses it to sing the praises of the Arabian Revolution. Live, chattering sounds will then be heard during the Improvisation, which is composed on stage.

In November 2010, Ties Mellema was the first saxophonist since 1991 to be awarded the highest state award for musicians: De Nederlandse Muziekprijs.

Ties Mellema - saxophone
Hans Eijsackers - piano

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