Tuesday 20 September 2011 20:00 hours | Duivenvoorde | Sehnsucht nach Julius

The story of a Norwegian-Dutch connection

Edvard Grieg - Movements from Violin Sonatas no. 1 in F op. 8 & no. 3 in C op. 45
Julius Röntgen - First movement of the Violin Sonata in F sharp op. 20
Edvard Grieg - 3 Lyric Pieces op. 54
Julius Röntgen - Romances op. 32 & Suite ‘From Jotunheim’
Grieg & Röntgen
- Gjendine’s Lullaby
Edvard Grieg
- Sehnsucht nach Julius

Edvard Grieg found fame as the composer of Peer Gynt and many a fan of his music swoon at the piano while playing his Lyrical Pieces. But just who was this composer who was such an ardent advocate of the Norwegian cause? No-one was closer to him than Julius Röntgen, his great friend, supporter and anchor in life. In Röntgen’s memoirs, he sings the praises of the life of the equally proud but fragile Norwegian Romanticist. Together they foraged across the glaciers of Jotunheim, in search of Norwegian folk music.

Huib Ramaer steps into the shoes of Grieg and Röntgen to illuminate their unique friendship as it emerges from their letters. Images from Norway and from the archives will be used to illustrate the story. Let yourself be transported to the intimate atmosphere in the parlour and in married life in Amsterdam and Troldhaugen.

The pianist Folke Nauta himself performed in Troldhaugen, where Grieg composed his very best pieces. Röntgen’s talented wife, the violinist Amanda Maier, is also brought back to life in the person of Eva Stegeman.

Huib Ramaer - actor
Eva Stegeman - violin
Folke Nauta - piano
Miranda Lakerveld - director

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