Friday 23 September 2011 Paleiskerk | Late Night Concert & Sleep-Over

We regret to inform you all that the Late Night Concert has been cancelled. Ticket holders will be notified of refund options via email in a few days time. For any other questions, we're ready to answer at

21:30 hours (arrival from 20.45 hours) | Late Night Concert
A blend of artistic disciplines, light play, images, musicians and the sound that they produce come together to create an all-encompassing theatrical choreography. The musicians move freely throughout the hall, while you casually sit around them and relax, wherever you like. This will be a unique experience, as it was last year. Master works, folk music and improvisations will be performed before you in a colourful, informal atmosphere that knows no boundaries between the stage and the audience, and between the musicians and their listeners. A drink will be served afterwards.

Around 00:00 hours Sleep-Over
Would you like to stay the night? If so, simply bring along your favourite mattress and your toothbrush. Those of you who are staying over will fall blissfully asleep, accompanied by live music and will be awoken by music as the sun rises the next day. On the Saturday morning, the musicians and their audience will then round off the experience they have shared by taking breakfast together. There will be room for approximately sixty people to sleep over. You can register for the sleep-over on our website:

You can mail directly to:

Tim Kliphuis - (jazz) violin
Eva Stegeman - violin
Giles Francis - viola
Pepijn Meeuws - cello & singing saw
Ekaterina Levental - harp & soprano
Ties Mellema - saxophone
Hans Eijsackers - piano
Giampaolo Bandini - guitar
Cesare Chiacchiaretta - bandoneon

Miranda Lakerveld - stage director
James Murray
- lighting design


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