Saturday 24 September 2011 14:00 hours | Het Nutshuis | Concert for children and grandchildren

Rapid-fire drumming - a performance for children aged between 6 and 12

Clatter, clatter, boing, bang! The hall is pitch black and on the stage are three closed doors whose handles move up and down to the rhythm.
Frederike Berntsen (De Telegraaf)

Hitting, rolling, brushing, swishing, beating and sweeping. What could be more exciting than rhythm? And what is more, you don’t actually need an instrument to play rhythms. Three friends, six hands, thirty fingers and three doors give it all they’ve got! Even the scenery seems to possess unsuspected musical talents and you will too! Clattering kids, banging boxes, plastic buckets, copper lids - they all go excellently well together without a single word being needed!

Life is rhythm. From the beating of your heart to banging the kitchen door if you’ve had a hard day. All the more reason for you to drum up as many children and grandchildren as you can and come along to this concert!

Twitching Eye Trio:
Jasper Goedman, Marijn Korff de Gidts, Achim Heine - percussion

Claire Leenaers/Klaus Jürgens - directors
Zita Winnubst
- costumes
Desirée van Gelderen
- lighting design

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