Saturday 17 September 2011 20:00 hours Paleiskerk | Friendship

Robert Schumann - String Quartet no. 3 in A op. 41
short break
Johannes Brahms - Scherzo from the FAE Sonata for viola and piano
Clara Schumann - '3 Romanzen' for violin and piano
Robert Schumann - 'Phantasiestücke' for cello and piano
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Johannes Brahms - Piano Quartet no. 1 in G op. 25

Imagine you’ve arranged to meet with friends for dinner. You can be sure to receive a warm welcome from beaming faces, but what happens after that may come as a bit of a surprise. Sheets of newly composed music, just for you! That was what happened to the violinist, Joseph Joachim. A wandering virtuoso, Joachim was free but lonely, ‘Frei aber einsam’, and buoyed by friendships (Brahms was grumpy, but Schumann was generous). Passionate works, which in their time were heard in the home of Schumann himself, mark the pinnacle of romantic friendships. What we will set out to do is to recreate that same feeling of intimate security, mutual encouragement and inspiration.


A performer who is new to you (but well-known in France), is the eminent pianist Florent Boffard. Marc Coppey, the cellist from the renowned Ysaÿe Quartet on the other hand, has performed at the festival before, while Muriel and Nicolas take part every year.
A sense of close friendship is what brings these five musicians together.

Muriel Cantoreggi - violin
Eva Stegeman - violin

Nicolas Bône - viola
Marc Coppey - cello
Florent Boffard - piano

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