H2O Surprise & Sleepover

20.30 | H2O Surprise
In Scheveningen’s Lourdeskerk, close to the sea, you will enjoy a spectacular concert with water music from the present and past. Thanks to an impressive light and set design you will not only feast your ears, but your eyes as well. The musicians move freely within the church. From all sides you are engulfed by music. The borders between the stage and the hall, between the musicians and the audience completely disappear.

22.15  | Vivaldi Rocks & Sleepover-concert
Vivaldi’s music really swings! Alternating it with rock music is surprisingly easy as Bram van Sambeek often experiences if he listens to his iPod. You will enjoy solo concertos by Vivaldi and dynamic arrangements of rock classics performed by Sven Figee on his Hammond organ.

If you are an adventurous music lover please stay for the night. You can roll out your mattress and crawl in your sleeping bag. The musicians will continue playing till everybody has fallen asleep. It’s a wonderful experience to lie down and listen to Vivaldi’s La notte, minimal music and a wide spectrum of water sounds. The musicians will tiptoe on their socks out of the hall when everyone has dozed off.

In the morning you will wake up with live played renaissance folias and other sweet sounds. After breakfast with the musicians you will feel completely inspired to start the final day of the festival.

Eva Stegeman > violin & artistic idea | Bram van Sambeek > bassoon & artistic idea
David Prins > dramaturgy | James Murray > light design
Izhar Elias > guitar | Erik Bosgraaf > recorder
Marijn Korff de Gidts > percussion | Jackie Xiao  > violin
Katya Woloshyn > viola | Willem Stam > cello | Sven Figee > hammond organ

H2O-surprise (without overnight stay)
Normal € 27,50 | Uitpas € 25,– | Students/ooievaarspas € 14,– | Till 27 years old  € 10,–

H2O-surprise & Sleepover (with overnight stay and breakfast)
Normal € € 40,– | Uitpas € 37,50 | Students/ooievaarspas € 20,– | Till 27 years old  € 15,–

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