Ode to Joy

Academy Building of the Peace Palace | 16:00 *

The Cristofori Piano Quartet consists of musicians from France, England and the Netherlands 

In the Academy Building, within the grounds of the Peace Palace, you can enjoy two delicious masterpieces of the piano quartet genre. The young Beethoven wrote this quartet whilst making ​​a concert tour through Dresden, Prague and Berlin and his youthful wanderlust bursts out from it. It is a work full of fresh extravagances and humorous inventions. Totally different is the piano quartet by Fauré, who was no longer a young man when he wrote his second piano quartet. This is a turbulent and deeply moving work. The contrast between the two quartets is considerable and you will leave the performance in perfect balance. Guaranteed!  

This part of the festival will take place in collaboration with the Carnegie Foundation.

Beethoven - Piano Quartet in E flat, op. 16  

Fauré - Piano Quartet No. 2 in G, op. 45

Cristofori Piano Quartet: Eva Stegeman, violin | Nicolas Bône, viola | Ursula Smith, cello |   Florent Boffard, piano Florent Boffard, piano

Normal € 31.00 | Uitpas € 28,50 | Youngsters € 11.00 | Students / Ooievaar Pass € 15.50 | Child up to 12 € 7.50


* The actual concert starts at 16.30. In connection with the strict security protocol of the Peace Palace, you are advised to arrive well ahead of time and to bring your ID or passport.

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